7 Dangerous Tasty Foods Humans Like That Could Kill Your Dog

895 Views 🔗 Frederik van Lierde 📅 Published Jun 2019

Can your dog eat chocolate?

A small amount of chocolate will probably only give your dog an upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhea. With large amounts, theobromine can produce muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack. The onset of theobromine poisoning is usually marked by severe hyperactivity. Definitely not!

Can your dog eat raw meat?

Any benefits a raw diet might offer won't come without risks for you and your dog. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), raw and undercooked meat can contain various bacteria and pathogens, such as salmonella and listeria, that pose risks to dogs and the people around them. We wouldn't recommend it.

Can your dog eat avocado?

Avocado toast is a hip trend for humans today but ultimately dangerous for your dog, The answer is no. Avocados contain persin, a fungicidal toxin, which can cause serious health problems — even death — in many animals. ... Persin is present in the avocado fruit, pits, leaves, and the actual plant, so all of these parts are potentially poisonous to your dog

Can your dog eat vegan?

The benefits of a vegan diet for human beings are hard to dispute. Dogs can live on a vegan diet, but that doesn't necessarily mean they should. For dogs, certainly vegetarian and vegan diets can be done, but they need to be done very, very carefully. There is a lot of room for error, and these diets probably are not as appropriate as diets that contain at least some animal protein.
In the case of your dog has food allergies, your dog is typically sensitive to specific animal proteins, and eliminating processed animal products from their diet can help so long as the replacement diet is carefully formulated to provide essential nutrients. We recommend consulting with a pet nutritionist

Can your dog eat ice cream?

With the summer at the door, our children and ourself enjoying a refreshing ice cream, we should not offer one to our dogs. The problem with ice cream is that dogs' bodies are not designed to digest milk after they are weaned, like puppies. ... While not a major danger if given in small amounts as a treat, for dogs with obesity, diabetes, allergies or dairy intolerance, ice cream could be a big problem. We wouldn't recommend it

Can your dog eat grapes and raisins?

While this fruit is nutritious for you, it's toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure and can even be fatal.
Dangerous doses begin at about 1 or 2 grapes for a 10-pound dog, and 3 or 4 grapes for a 20-pound dog. Definitely a no!

Can your dog eat pork?

Pork must be thoroughly cooked without any seasonings or additives before you offer your dog this meat. While pork is high in protein, it's also a rich meat that may cause indigestion. In addition, undercooked pork puts your dog at risk for trichinosis, a parasite infection that leads to gastrointestinal illness. We would recommend it with care!

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