Business owners who use this Facebook feature see growth in sales

851 Views 🔗 Frederik van Lierde 📅 Published Jun 2019

It is true that not all of your followers will see your posts, for that you need to pay (Which is normal, every business needs to generate income). The smart business owners use creative and cool features to stand out at any moment.

A few of those features are connecting Facebook Groups, Stories, Polls, My Story and more.

Your Facebook Business Page also has a menu. On the web-based version of Facebook, you find a menu (also called Tabs) on the left. Here Facebook shows About Us, Photos, Videos, etc.

You can see those tabs like subpages, and their title gets a permanent place inside the Facebook menu, which creates a lot of possibilities.

In this article, I will explain what we at did for brands and local businesses to push the sales of gift cards inside Facebook Page.

Gift cards provide a variety of benefits for your business, ranging from increased revenue to greater customer loyalty. These major benefits will help you to increase your sales in an easy and manageable way, freeing up more time for you to run your business

Gift cards have many great advantages, and really you should be crazy not to implement them. A few advantages are:
  • you attract new customers
  • you increase brand awareness
  • Improve sales, and get paid upfront
In fact, 55% of gift card users visit more than once to deplete the balances on their cards. Not only do gift cards make it easier for customers to spend money at your business, but it also gives them a valuable and compelling reason to return and spend more.

When those reasons are not enough for you to implement gift cards, I don't what is 😊. That's why you should make it as easy as possible for your followers to offer a gift card from your business to their friends. Whenever they visit your page and not waiting until you post pops up in their timeline. This is why using the Menu is so important!

Here are some examples of local businesses who installed it already!
Barton & Betjemans Carouge (Tea):

Walls & Skin (Tattoo chain)

Do you sell gift cards? Online? Do you want more sales also via your Facebook Page? All our partners on our platform have access to this great feature. For more info,

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