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How to beat the competition

Published on Friday, June 7, 2019 by Frederik Van Lierde

Great! You want to push your business and beat your competition. Sad but true, the statistics are grim, 96% of all business fail within 10 years, and the world isn't getting easier to stand out.

People are getting Ad blindness inside their timeline on Instagram, Facebook,... You need to be at the right time at the right moment wherever your customers are.

Some insights on how shoppers think & buy:

From your point of view, you like to have:

Possible Solutions?

One way to make sure your products/services are placed at the right time at the right moment in front of your (future) customers is to use the developer algorithms of the famous platforms Like in financial trading you should never put all your eggs in 1 basket. You should not outsource all your marketing to the Google's and the Facebooks of this world.
Just imagine they decide to change the algorithm, or ban certain industries. Well, you are burned!

Unlikely you think? In 2016, Google removed the right-hand sidebars, meaning all the ads on the main page became much more expensive.
And they do it again, Google announced just now, May 2019, to show 8 sponsored products on Search mobile, which makes it even harder for local businesses to be on Page 1

A Better Solution

From my experience, in my previous life as a local business owner which I sold 2 years ago with profit, I understand the problems to compete against the "bigger players" as we don't have the same budget.

Your solution... As chat apps are consumed more than anything else online, with 1.6Billion daily users, we bring eCommerce to the chat apps!
1 access point for shoppers to discover + to engage directly with their favorite brands and @Model.Text2
Our platform is specifically designed to offer:

Demo Video

Check out how easy shoppers can find a brand, deals, local products

What's Next?

If you like the idea and you're committed to dramatically increase the sales of your gift cards products or services, by placing your @Model.Text2 in front of shoppers at the right moment, at the right time, bypassing the Google and Groupons of the world, we've still got a few £99 (normally £199) solution, left this month.
500+ famous & international brands have joined our solution, our mission is to give local businesses the same chance as the "big players"

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A guarantee you can't refuse...
This offer is for local business only and we guarantee extra sales within the first month or we reimburse you for 100% or you stay on the platform for free as long as your business is running. Your choice
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