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585 Views 🔗 Frederik van Lierde 📅 Published Aug 2020

Localization is no longer just an option for companies which want to go global; it is now becoming a must, a strategic plan that can help a brand survive abroad. By localizing your website, products or marketing campaigns, you are building a bridge to your target customers and making your brand more memorable in local markets.

If you want your local customers to know about you, first you have to adapt yourself to the language they speak and the perspective they view things. Localization helps you break the linguistic and cultural boundaries, which allows your brand to blend in and then stand out.

By communicating with your customers in their language, you are building trust and commitment with them. Which make them more comfortable with you and making a purchase faster.
Research shows that 57% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than price. Therefore, with localization, you can set a pace for your competitors. chatbot vision is to offer a personalized shopping experience, anywhere, everywhere. This vision includes shopping in the user language, pay with preferred pay method, and being available in their beloved messenger app., our eCommerce and Deals ChatBot is now capable of understanding nine languages, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese, Masha will also reply with the results in those languages. Even when Masha never got the information in the user language.
Example: The video below will search for the latest deals of Hamleys, the famous London base Toys store. Masha got the deals from Hamleys only in English. We will switch the language from English to Portuguese and then to Japanese, and we will ask the same question.
You will see that the Bot replies in Portuguese and Japanese.

Every local business or international brands can now take advantage of this solution by joining our platform.

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