What Are Brand Web Stories?

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Boost your sales & branding by creating web stories, blending video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic consumption experience.

The Brand Web Story visual format lets your shoppers explore your content at their pace by tapping through it, or swiping from one piece of content to the next.

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Brand Web Stories are a full-screen immersive experience. They’re hosted on the open web with their own URL, making them easily shareable.

Brand Web Stories is a visual storytelling format that facilitates presenting your brand or your local business in a fast-loading and immersive way.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
- Seth Godin

Apart from the huge lead generation possibilities, Brand Web Stories have a lot of other benefits. They score high on web performance and user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic content format that's set to rule the web.

Brand Web Stories look strikingly different from traditional web pages. Since shoppers prefer visuals over text, the visually rich brand Web Stories perfectly fit their needs.

Brand Web Stories are optimized for the mobile web but look equally beautiful on multiple devices.

Brand Web Stories appear on Google across Search, Google Discover, and Google Images. A proper boost for your SEO

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Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Brand Web Stories?

Some of your competitors are using AMP Web Stories already. Check the list of brands using Masha's Brand Web Stories.

If they don't, and you create your Brand Web Story, you differentiate your brand as a leader.

Evidence is available that people who view a story, stay longer on the content. Bounce rate on our Brand Web Stories is < 7%.
Bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors who navigate away from your site after viewing only one page.

Brand Web Stories have a higher chance of being on top Search results and integrated into Google Discover on Android and iOS.

It doesn’t get any better than placing before the number one spot, does it?


I am not technical
Great, your job is to concentrate on your customers. Enter the minimum necessary information, like your latest deals or products/services, and the platform does the rest. When your brand works with AWIN, we import your deals automatically 2x per day

I don't have video from my business/products.
No problem, video is optional. Static images are perfect. The dimensions for quality Brand Web Stories are 720x1280 (portrait)

Do Brand Web Stories replace my website?
No, Brand Web Stories must be seen as a "snackable format". The visual flow delivered can be used to tease the consumer of your content and invite them to continue the experience on your website, and discover your products or services.
Brand Web Stories must be part of your content marketing strategy.

Can I link my Google Analytics Tracking ID to the Web Stories
Yes, you can easily add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your profile and the ID will be automatically linked to your web stories


Best for new businesses with no online payment system in place. Typical for Restaurants, Spa, Local Food Shops and more
10% / Gift Card Sold
Included: DEALS & WEB STORIES plans
Best for growing businesses with an online payment system in place. Typical for chains, online businesses, international brands
Included: DEALS & WEB STORIES plans

Setup Cost: €0
No Ads
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Access to Customer Information
100% Control
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Unlimited Gift Card Sales
Free DEALS ONLY plan

* When you choose the Local Plan, we pay out daily, and the credit card costs are included.
When you choose the Growing Plan, all payments happen on your online shop.


Our platform is open for almost every brand or local shop, with a few exceptions. We do verify every brand or local shop to guarantee the quality, certainly when you use the deals and product tools..

●● Exceptions: No MLM, no drop shipping, no illegal activities. If you are not sure, please take contact with us, and we discuss the possibilities openly.

●● Who uses 1 or all of our solutions?: Retail brands, spa & beauty salons, restaurants, accountants, Bloggers, Podcasters, travel agencies, hotels, consultants, office suppliers, event organisers,....

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