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Customer Service

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Customer Service

Are you like Groupon?

NO, we are an alternative. We never ask for reductions, we never require you to sell a minimum of vouchers, and we never take 50% or above as commission.
ALSO we pay out on all vouchers purchased - we want to be a real partner, and that is the reason behind our principle: "We make money only when you have made profit first"

Do I know who buys/receives the Gift Voucher and when?

Yes, it is as if you have sold it over the counter, in your shop. They are your clients!
You have access to this information via the free real time gift voucher manager. (mobile and desktop)

Do we get paid out all vouchers?

Yes, we pay out all vouchers, we are not like others who wait until the voucher is redeemed.

How can we be sure a voucher isn't used twice?

Every Gift Voucher, sent by post or email, or printed contains a unique code, tied to the time and date of the purchase. You, as a business, have real time access to all your gift vouchers via the free gift voucher manager. Once a client redeems the voucher, you enter the amount used (full or partial), into the system with 1-click.

How & when do I receive the money on my Account?

In general, we payout automatically on a daily base. You will get an notification email with the amount and you also have real time access to the status of your money.
Important note: we never use this account to invest, pay our bills. It is your money.
Alternatifly, you may choose to be paid out on a weekly or monthly base, depending on the needs and workoad of your accountancy team.

How much does your service/ platform cost?

We offer 2 pricing models, to fit your business strategy, one is based on "No cure no pay" principle and the other to maximize your existing solution

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How fast can we cancel the contract?

You can cancel the contract at any moment. We just ask you to execute all the outstanding vouchers of which you already received the money.

Can we use the gift voucher manager for in-store vouchers as well?

Yes, you can use our online gift voucher manager for free for all your gift voucher, in-store, online,...
You receive for ech gift voucher sold a security code, which you can add to your vouchers. Statistics, redeem procedue, follow-up,... are available for all vouchers
This feature is 100% free, 0% commission

Which credit cards are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted on our platform, we collaborated with Stripe to guarantee a smoothness payment experience for your customers.
We do accept PayPal payments as well.

What does the customer receive as gift voucher, branding wise?

Bradning is very important, all gift vouchers are branded for your business with your images conditions etc. The customer receive a voucher like someone came to our business to buy it personally.

How many businesses do you collaborate with in my region?

Depends on the region, any company can subscribe to and use our platform, on their website, newsletter, facebook etc. The Facebook App integration and free gift voucher manager is available too.

Our platform is not about quantity of businesses but about quality. We do verify every business. When we reach a certain number of partners in one city, we do an official launch of an online local Kiosk as well. Meaning you will get more visibility.
Even if you are the first in your region, you can have a important advantage using our tools and feature your competitors!