Create an Offer

Learn how to create an offer and how to promote it

Share your deals & promotions with your customers to encourage people to purchase your website, at your physical shop or both.

Your offers will be promoted via different channels, like social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,...), our website ( and Deals.Today), inside Messenger Apps (FB Messenger, Telegram, Slack, LINE, Skype,...) and via Web Stories.

Step by Step

  1. Go to your Merchant Dashboard
  2. Click Deals & Promotions
  3. Click Create an Offer and click Save

You can update and stop the promotion of an offer at any moment. Bear in mind that when people print out or save your offer, you must accept the offer until the end date.

When an offer is no longer valid, in the offers overview, the gift card will be "strike-through".


●● Coupon Code: You can enter a code for shoppers to use the offer on your website. Leave blank when no code is needed
●● Landing page: Enter the Url of the page where we should guide the shopper to. When leaving this field blank, your main website Url will be used.