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Handheld devices became tools we use every day, the mobile app market is becoming more impactful. Messenger Apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, LINE Messenger are used most frequenty.
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  • Chat-apps are used more than anything else online. 1,5 Billion people send 60 Billion messages a day via a chat app (
  • eCommerce is growing 3x faster than traditional retail.
  • People don't want more apps to shop, they want 1 app with access to all the products of their favorite brands.
  • In the age of unlimited choices and AI, brands should not expect any more that consumers find out about them.


  • Using AI to analyze consumers behaviour, will propose brands and products that fit their profile & the occasion.
  • A solution that integrates into existing platforms, platforms users already use. Easy & fast user adoption.
  • A solution that permanently learns from all kind of shoppers to better serve them and the brands.


  • A chatbot first solution, who works inside the consumer's favorite chat app, like FB Messenger, Telegram, Line Messenger, Slack, Skype,...
  • A solution, where you keep control over your branding, customer service, delivery terms.
  • A solution, that will put your brand in front of the right user, for the right occasion at the right time.

The shopper who likes:

  • to receive a personalized recommendation based on the time, occasion and what they need.
  • to offer a gift their friend really likes (via AI-powered wish-lists)
  • to discover new brands


Nike, Under Armour, Ted Baker, Swarovski, L'Oreal de Paris, Hilton Hotels, Qatar Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Paul's Boutique, Hamleys, Lego Holiday, ASOS, Fnac, In the Style, Waterstones, Jochen Schweizer, Adventure Gifts, Primesport, Mont Blanc, ...
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  • never sells personal data of users
  • doesn’t profile users using AI. AI is only used during a specific search request by the specific user. The AI result is not saved.
  • follows the European GDPR guidelines
  • No financial information is saved in our database

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