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Some real sweet retro gifts, to remember your childhood
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Whether you’re reliving your childhood by choosing your old-school tuckshop favourites or you’ve decided to introduce younger generations to old fashioned sweets, A Quarter Of has everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

From Flying Saucer sweets, Drumstick lollies and Popping Candy through to Aniseed Balls, Wham Bars and Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum, every memory of your youth is here for you to rediscover.

Traditional sweets can be delivered as fast as the next day direct to your doorstep to either share with friends and family or to keep all to yourself as a special treat.

Whilst you may be too old for pocket money now, you’re never too old to enjoy the flavours and sensations of pick and mix sweets from years gone by; sweet or sour sweets, chewy or crunchy they will be sent to you picked and wrapped with love. You’ll even be able to enjoy the excitement of opening up the contents as everything comes packed either in those little white bags which used to make the trip to the sweet shop even more enticing, or our fab custom-made retro style cartoony bags.

Remember wearing different types of 1970s and 80s candy jewellery... watches and necklaces? And Popping Candy that exploded in your mouth? Heston Blumenthal uses that in some of his recipes now... can you believe it? Talk about gourmet candy!

Fill your basket with all your favourites today, from the brands you live, like Haribo, Barratts and Maynards... and treat yourself to a few you’ve never tried before; you’ll be back playing football on the field or making a den in the woods in your mind in no time once you receive your treasure trove of sugary delights.;