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About Aeroclub Geneve

Learning in Geneva in 2016 means equipping yourself with all the tools to fly safely in a demanding environment! The 100-year-old Geneva Aero Club has been training pilots since 1926. He has trained thousands of pilots, some of them who have made aviation history. Located within the grounds of Geneva International Airport, it offers a unique environment for learning to fly. In addition, its privileged position between the Jura and Mont Blanc offers a wide range of terrain configurations and weather conditions that will make you a better pilot! Once your training is complete, the Aero Club of Geneva offers a multitude of possibilities to practice and complete your experience in a pleasant environment - night flying, aerobatics, glacier flying, a wide range of possibilities is available to you! In addition, in collaboration with professional aviation schools, the Aero Club of Geneva can allow you to achieve the highest qualifications to carry your dream to the end. As a student, you will be immersed on your first flight in what may be your future work environment. All our staff and instructors are at your disposal to make you discover the joys of flying during an introductory flight.