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Showroom of 1000m² with more than 1000 working appliances, own Ledlabo!

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About Alfa Licht Gent

Alfa Gent is the leading player in lighting, audio/video and electrical installations in Ghent and its surroundings. More than 15 years after starting up our showroom at the Palinghuizen in Ghent, Alfa Gent has grown into a small and wholesale wholesaler in lighting, electricity, home automation and audiovisual applications. Alfa Gent consists of three pillars: Alfa Licht Gent, Alfa Pro Gent and Alfa Electricity Ghent. This structure allows Alfa Gent to be present in all facets and sections of the market for lighting and electricity. Whether you are a private individual, installer, architect or trader, Alfa Gent is your partner in the field of lighting, electrical installations and audiovisual techniques.