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Belgian lighting brand


It all started when we acquired the company BIS Lighting last year, a Brussels-based lighting manufacturing company. You might not have heard of it, but chances are that you have encountered its products when visiting local retail stores, offices, train stations and other public buildings. We found out soon enough that having a big atelier in the centre of Brussels was an asset that was very attractive to designers, who love to tinker and play around to materialise all that creativity as soon as possible. It’s what gave birth to our first design label, Nathalie Dewez Lighting, in cooperation with the internationally renowned designer and light artist Nathalie Dewez.  Relaunching ALUCI, a Belgian brand that faded out of the public eye years ago, is the brainchild of Frederik Delbart, rising star in the Belgian design scene, and myself. ALUCI is all about bringing affordable lighting objects by top designers to the market on a regular basis, with clear values in mind: - design with an edge - use of innovative technologies - premium materials - ecology - affordability ;

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