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The Babiage Doodoo is THE friend for many babies across the world since more than 20 years. It's Babiage goal to provide sweet nights to all of these families.

The history of Babiage began in 1993, pioneering in its sector, they were the first in Europe to distribute soft toys with audio unit reproducing intrauterine sounds.

Babiage Doodoo remains to this day the best friends for the baby and his parents for a peaceful night.

Next, after launching the DooDoos, they gradually expanded the range with useful and innovative accessories, facilitating the daily parents' life such as Bo mixer, the Kleenup, the Drying rack, Babiage Tooprop ...

They are located in Waterloo, and they promote the ´Made in Belgium´ label and also manufactures most of its products in Belgium.

A perfect gift for any baby and new parents!

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