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It´s all about chocolate! Chocolate, chocolate, handmade chocolate. They simply love it. It´s the product they work with and try to reinvent over and over again. But most of all, they still enjoy it each and every day. That´s what keeps them going. Creating delicious chocolate fantasies. Invented in 2004 by the Chief Toussaint ... the best chocolate recipes and then incorporated into a piece of chocolate with a spoon. Stir, and you get REAL hot chocolate instead of a powder. That difference can taste it right away. The Hotchocspoon> remains their favorite, but the Chocolate Company have more, because with quality chocolate you can think of so many really tasty! The Chocolate Company put a lot of effort and attention into their chocolates (they call them ´Bombons´ packed with flavor). Therefore in 2015, their ´Bombons´ were chosen as best-Valentine chocolates by Cash! The Chocolate Company designers even "cook" with real chocolate. You just taste the difference every time ;

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