Get Inspired by Elsalad

when you are looking for a healthy and delicious gift for your friend

The team of Elsalad does everything possible to make your lunch break the most enjoyable.

Whether they serve you at the food truck, in one of their shops, online, or upon delivery, they guarantee you’ll get salads and wraps made of only the finest ingredients paired with outrageously good service.

Elsalad focusses on using local and seasonal ingredients, sourced from people they know and trust. Each homemade recipe comes with the Elsalad touch: combinations crafted to be creative and well-balanced!

Elsald mission is to share the incredible foods that grow around us. The perks of using this supply chain is just awesome for you, for your friend, for the community.

Elsald share their passion with you, and is a perfect gift for a friend who enjoy healthy and delicious food.

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