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Unique and exciting adventures. Choose your mission and immerse yourself in one of the enchanting universes of Escape World! Escape World is before anything else pleasure, adventure and team spirit. Our passion is the engine that pushes the limits of our creativity ever further. More than a company, Escape World is a tribe where each member share their ideas and contributes in their own way to this great adventure. We make of the human element the central value which allows everyone to feel the buzz and find fulfilment. Every day we set ourselves new objectives: construction adventures, technical solutions, but also new marketing and communication ideas. The members of our team respond to these challenges thanks to our experience and our collective imagination. AREA 652 - 3-6 players As the door closes behind you, the plan of a devious scholar is set in motion. MANDARIN MADNESS - 3-6 players Hurry to recover the precious relic before the kidnappers lose patience and do the unthinkable!

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