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When looking for the world’s first online shaving club exclusively for women. Delivering razors and replacement blades!
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About Friction Free Shaving

Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is the UK's first shaving club. Think Dollar Shave Club, Harry's or Cornerstone - but for ladies.
They launched because we were fed up with overpriced, low quality plastic women’s razors razor on the market. It made they say FFS – hence our name! They believe that women deserve better, more convenient shaving products, at lower prices. Also they saw a massive gap in the market to be the first razor subscription club not aimed towards men.

Their model makes shaving cheaper, cleaner and more convenient.

The truth is, if you shave regularly, you should be changing your blades regularly too. But blades are expensive so women often overuse them until they are blunt, dirty and not doing their job properly. FFS blades are high quality, yet affordable so you can change regularly & avoid skin irritation.;