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la fille d’O (meaning daughter of ‘O) is the voice of a generation. in 2003 I, Murielle Victorine Scherre, felt the need to create an aspirational role model. my own shameless Eve, moulded after the women that have personally inspired me. many women have lived rich lives before us and I wanted to tune into that frequency of wisdom in order to grow in this life. as a woman and a mother and a lover. I love a challenge so what better place to start a revolution than from the bottom up. la fille d’O started as a lingerie brand but has become somewhat of a religion. as a woman, i felt unheimlich when looking at ‘modern’ lingerie and women in media. I am inspired by my friends; intelligent women who know how to cultivate themselves, their body a tool for personal growth and not just an object of desire. I want to share their stories with the world in order to inspire others to be just as free from shame and fear, driven by curiosity and lust for life. la fille d’O is both a stage and a performer. a spotlight community, where it is safe to develop oneself. a shared interest, where women inspire me and I can literally support them in their ongoing work.

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