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MyFooDen is the go-to place for online shopping of European groceries.
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About MyFooDen UK

MyFooDen is an online-only grocery store that operates in the United Kingdom only and offers a wide variety of European groceries. The warehouse is located in South London, where dispatching occurs.

MyFooDen's mission is to enhance everyone's online grocery shopping experience, therefore they envision themselves to be the go-to place for people to do their online groceries and be able to get products from all over the world.

MyFoodDem core values revolve around being customer-centric oriented, striving to continuously enhance and relentlessly optimize our shopper's online experience.

Right now they are heavily focused on sourcing products from Europe and they aim to be working directly with the producers which mean that you will get the best possible deal for the freshest possible product. You'll notice that their offering is highly competitive which further reinforces their testimony to offering the best deal.

MyFooDen is now delivering across the United Kingdom via their last-mile delivery partners and they do it quite quickly. In the near future they will be offering a variety of delivery options, which will include same-day delivery and delivery within the hour services;