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ONLY introduced on the Danish market in 1995. Today ONLY is an established and well-known brand with more than 300 stores in Europe and the Middle East and we are growing steadily. ONLY the brand is sold in over 6500 stores and is present in 23 markets worldwide.

At ONLY, we like to see the magic with daily possibilities in everyday life. This is our philosophy. ONLY is about you - only on you. Unique is part of our name, in our stores and collections. Each product is made with this special ONLY feeling that is our identity which has a mature dispute focused on feminine strength, self-confidence and style.

ONLY represents several genres in the fashion world. For the most part, we are a fashion brand with a broad international approach. We look at the latest trends, ONLY defines our unique version of fashion that always thinks of the different moments of fashion that all ONLY girls face during the road. Therefore, we always find the latest trends in our products. ONLY the collections are characterized by unique, genuine and modern identity with attractive styles in international class.

ONLY is also a denim fire. The blood of our veins is indigoblatt and denim is a constant state-of-mind. This means that all ONLY collections are reflected by denim attitudes, looks and styles. Details and adjustments are found in all our garments and this is part of what constitutes our brand identity.

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