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Oxfam GB is a leading international NGO (Non-Government Organization) with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the delivery of humanitarian aid and development work. Oxfam GB is part of a global movement of people working diligently with others to fight poverty and overcome suffering & injustice.

Oxfam’s Online Shop is the number one destination for second-hand goods and charity gifts.

Oxfam Unwrapped offers a chance for people to share with their family, friends or loved ones a gift that can make a real difference to someone's life.

Buying an Unwrapped gift helps overcome poverty and unnecessary suffering. We have a choice of 30 gifts, from our bestselling goat and safe drinking water to building a bog or Training a teacher. Oxfam Unwrapped has something for everyone! When you buy a gift we will send the recipient a gift card that let’s people know what they’ve been bought. We will then deliver the real item to the people who need them most.

There are 30 designs for the front of the gift card to choose from (or even a picture of the chosen gift), and a personalised message can also be included.

Make your Oxfam Unwrapped gift even more special by adding some little extras at the checkout. With a range of amazing little extras to choose from we've got something for everyone - at a bargain price!

Our gifts are categorised by interests and personality types to make it easy to find the perfect gift. Regardless of if people are buying for Christmas, Easter or weddings we’re confident that we’ve got every event covered.


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