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About Payot Libraire

Payot Libraire believes more than ever in the future of the bookselling profession as an indispensable meeting point between customers and books. A space for exchanges between readers and the publishing world is essential at a particular venue managed by a specific profession. At one and the same time commercial and cultural, our concept, enhanced by contemporary architecture, allows booksellers and readers to share their experience and enrich their knowledge by making use of the finest search and distribution services.

The bookshop is a venue in its own right

In a cultural space dedicated entirely to books, our bookshops cover a floor space ranging from 200m2 to over 2,000m2. In an alliance of styling and function, all our bookshops are fitted out according to an identical plan.

Our customers can therefore freely consult all the works which are presented and quietly enjoy the warm, elegant and convivial atmosphere prevailing here. Desks to consult works, comfortable seats, harmonious colours and materials, everything has been carefully designed to make book lovers happy.

Bookselling is a profession

Unlike «book supermarkets» run on the self-service principle, at Payot customers can seek information from qualified and helpful booksellers who are there to answer their questions but also to advise them and let them know their favourite titles. The booksellers' mission is to inform and serve you - their aim to astonish and to share their passion with you.

Our profession seeks to live up to an expectation, but it also creates a demand. This is particularly true in the French-speaking part of Switzerland where book consumption per head of the population is very high, so confirming the theory that the level of consumption of cultural goods is the only sustainable and serious indicator which typifies a developed country.
In all our bookshops, you will find the widest and deepest selection available anywhere in the city concerned.