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when looking for the best gadgets, coolest designer homeware, one of a kind personalised treats and the most unusual gifts in the UK.

Prezzybox is a family. We are an open, fun loving company valuing happiness above all else!.

Prezzybox are one of the best loved online gift retailers in the UK. From your face of choice on socks, to Chocolate Pizza they have a veritable cornucopia of weird and wonderful gift ideas and gadgets. Based in a farmhouse in the Midlands, the team - including three goats and Polly the golden retriever - make it their mission to help everyone find fantastic gifts, whilst having lots and lots of fun!

Enjoy... are the brainchild of affable Brummie Zak Edwards. We say brainchild, but it's most likely he pinched the idea from somebody far more intelligent and definitely more handsome.

Back in the late 90's, when people were a little worried about the Millennium Bug and online brands were being valued at gargantuan amounts of money, Edwards - keen to spend the wad of cash in Dad's (Johnny E') gained after recently selling his business, saw an opportunity online.

I was bored and unfulfilled at work professes the gaffer. Websites were being valued at huge amounts of money, Johnny E had sold his business and I said, Come on Johnny E' let's build a website and sell some goodies!. After a bit of gentle persuasion, was born!

Having spent a mountain of time (much of it wasted on needless features that no one used) and a sizeable amount of Johnny E's now diminishing cash pile, Prezzybox launched. We’d like to say with a fanfare, but being honest it was more with a whimper!

We were lucky to get one order a day professes Edwards senior we were certainly not inundated like our Zak promised. Eeeek! It was then up to Zak, his newly recruited girlfriend (now wife) Bianca, Mom and Dad to beg, steal (metaphorically), borrow and work their proverbial’ butts off to drive traffic, orders and eventually loyal customers to the site.

I’d be fibbing if I said it was easy Zak states. Year after year, we’d think we were finally turning the corner only for something to set us back - ships catching fire full of stock in the middle of the sea, the Karma Chameleon Phone fiasco, suppliers going out of business and pesky’ recessions’ amongst them. However, with a little luck and lots of determination, Prezzybox are still with us in 2018 and doing better than ever...

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