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when looking fora premium vortex mixer to mix supplements

Creators of Vortex Mixing Technology, PROMiXX are the global leaders in the design and manufacture of premium vortex mixers. Designed in the UK, PROMiXX mixers represent the cutting edge of vortex mixing devices.

In a saturated market full of poor quality, poor functioning, ‘me too’ products, PROMiXX cut through the noise! A no-nonsense product that lived up to its promise: a premium solution for the growing demands of health food and supplement-users.

At PROMiXX we are a proud– we strive to be the best, and in the pursuit of perfection we recognize that there is always room for improvement. Our dedication to quality design and workmanship has led to constant refinement of the PROMiXX product range over the years: better components; higher grade materials; superior electronics – all contributing to better user experience.

Since its launch in 2012, PROMiXX has cemented its position as the global leader of vortex mixers – adopted as the mixing bottle of choice by a quarter of a million budding athletes and freely endorsed by thousands of elite sportsmen and women across nearly every discipline.

But don't just take our word for it!

Jon Brownell - Fitness Model & Physique Champion
"PROMiXX® is hands down my favorite shaker to mix my supplements."

Louise Hazel - Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
"This is by far one of the coolest gadgets in my kit bag!"

Scott Williams - Wales Rugby International
"PROMiXX® is the best and coolest way to mix my supplements. Quick and easy to use, but best of all, no bits!"

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