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With us, your feet are always subjected to a scientific gait analysis.

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Runners Service Lab has thirty years of experience in advising the correct running shoes and preventing and treating (sports) injuries. With us, your feet are always subjected to a scientific gait analysis. As you step or walk over the footscan® pressure measurement system, the pressure pattern of the foot is analyzed. Based on these results, our skilled employees discover injury risks and the correct running shoes or orthotics can be advised. For a walking analysis you do not need to make an appointment and this is included in our service! HISTORY More than 30 years of experience! In 1980, well before the running hype we are now experiencing, Runners Service opened the very first running specialty store in Belgium. The technology in running shoes made a major development in those three decades, to which Runners Service Lab made an important contribution. Runners Service Lab is the address in the Benelux for optimal advice of the right functional footwear, orthopaedic adjustments and sports support soles. The orthotics are made as since our start in our own LABO in Beveren! The running analyses we offer are carried out with a professional treadmill, treadmill and the patented 2 meter footscan® pressure measuring plate. This pressure measurement system is a successful international project of Jempi WILSSENS, the owner of Runners Service Lab and RSscan.De expertise of Runners Service Lab is also known among top athletes from home and abroad. For example, Paula RADCLIFFE, world record holder at the marathon, is a regular and Greg LEMOND is convinced to have won the Tour de France thanks to the special bike support soles of Runners Service Lab. Feel free to visit us in one of our shops. A team of trained orthopaedic technicians, graduate podiatrists and physios are constantly on hand to advise you expertly. A necessary advice for all levels, and certainly also for the starting runner/runner. Not only for adapted footwear and sports support soles, but also for guiding training schedules and giving nutrition tips.