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At the crossroads of East and West, Jade's Serail is a place of relaxation and refinement. Whether in Geneva or Lausanne, the Spas du Serarail de Jade, exoticism takes on the colours of the Middle East: Venetian lamps that guide you to the cabins, the steam room and its sublime rest room from where escape the scents of amber, musk and jasmine...... and other divine scents..... The 250m2 Spa in Geneva is home to a traditional Moroccan space, while Lausanne and its 500m2 are more modern and more streamlined. The Geneva area is home to a tea room, treatment rooms including a double cabin, a sublime 50m2 white marble steam room and a rest room that takes us directly to the centre of Marrakech. The Lausanne area houses a tea room, a superb rest room with a vaulted wall of natural stones, 5 treatment rooms including two doubles, a Japanese bath, a private steam room and a large steam room of 30m2 in brown stone. Finally, for moms and dads a child space or have your child babysit during his moment of relaxation. In both Spas, the hammam reigns supreme to project you out of time and space. Luxury, calm and voluptuousness to the sound of fresh water flowing from the fountain. Scrubs, wraps or massages with oriental precious oils, hot stone massages are practiced in massage booths that invite relaxation. The Spa offers beauty rituals, including hammam, treatments and modelling that extend throughout the day, punctuated by tastings of teas and fruit. A moment of perfect relaxation to be given alone or with friends over a mint tea.

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