Get Inspired By Signare

When looking for the perfect gift designs are inspired by nature, by great art and by life itself, each one is lovingly reproduced in the style of woven tapestry.
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About Signare

Signare is a vibrant, British lifestyle brand. The individual identity of the brand is in the creation of Signare design artworks. Every Signare product has its own personality and story to tell. Signare design include:

-Great Masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Poppy Field and Tree of Life.

-Works by famous designers including William Morris, Rennie Mackintosh and Charles Voysey.

-Patterns celebrating the lives and achievements of great figures from world history, including Jane Austen and William Shakespeare.

-Designs that reflect the colour and variety of life itself, from garden wildlife to cute cats and adorable dogs, from historical landmarks to geometric patterns.

They have taken the ancient art of tapestry and given it a modern twist; every Signare design is reproduced in exquisite woven detail.;