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"New Belgium and France based creative clothing brand specializing in Skate/Surf/Street/Rock Apparel clothing company. A T-shirts brand fo

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SkateOnTheBeach is a brand inspired by rock and skate culture. Raising the bar with quality rather than quantity, we stand far from the crowd by distributing our products in limited quantities (50/100). SkateOnTheBeach is made for people who make their own rules. Those who act and think differently: raiders and riders. SkateOnTheBeach sheds a new light on thinking differently. We make clothes people love. Because they're designed to complement the human physics. And produced by a workforce that are fairly rewarded. We believe that the textiles industry has to start acting a lot more responsibly. As we see it, change is the only option. We are committed to genuine sustainability right through our supply chain. SOTB has created a wide range of exclusive and unique models whose basic concept is to have style and values being responsible! We choose only business partners who have personally witnessed their share of sustainable development within their own local environment and treating their staff in respect of ethical values. Today's t-shirt carries a message that's more powerful than ever. A message that demonstrates that looking good can also symbolize having responsible values.