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About Skin Spa + Store

Skinspastore is a new generation of beauty salon that will keep up with the latest developments in this industry. We stand for quality and a long-term relationship with our customers. We want to develop goals together; Whether it's your skin, hair removal or relaxation, we go for the best advice with the most beautiful product and of this moment. Surprisingly in the Indian neighbourhood in Amsterdam east is this oasis of calm. Enjoy a massage, manicure, pedicure, skintreatments and/or wax treatment. The owner designed the interior herself. From sawn-off furniture on the wall to shelves of desk drawers and radios (do you mean old radios?). Through the shop, also the reception room, you walk to a room where the yellow wall and an extra large sofa immediately stand out. Are you here for the manicure or pedicure? Then you're going to be right here! Nice to do with girlfriends, for example. Opposite the sofa are stable doors, behind which you will find the massage and resin rooms.