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Fun and trendy cuisine that takes roots in the very deep of tradition, we create a world of emotions just with food

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Swiss Smart Cook starts its fourth winter season with novelties with the opening of a Swiss Smart Cook Cannes, a branch that will bring to Switzerland, inspiration from French Riviera and Italy, some sunshine in our plates... A lot of it is in the "Fraîcheur" freshness of local produces! As much as we can we'll cook with locally produces from the land or from the lake. Concretely what is a cooking event at SSC? It is primarily the personality of the coaches who takes care of you! If you are an individual and would like to improve your cooking skills check the Agenda page or the "next class button". For corporate groups or groups of friends Well it is not complicated either... We agrees on a Theme/menu... and you .... you cook! There you go! We split you in teams, give you the step by step procedure, all the way to make sure you eat a really good meal at a decent time in the evening or during the day. We make sure we keep you well hydrated, throw a little joke here and there, and send you back home at a decent time to make sure you remain performant for your next day. We make sure everybody knows what to do and show them that it is so simple to cook all together even when not a cook. It's like tango, our job is to make you eat something delicious, on time and you is to follow the rhythm.... It is a break away from corporate world or standards protocols to enter a different structure where talents, personalities and passion can be born or developed. As the team focuses on a goal that everyone can connect to it offers a space that every one can enjoy and a reward that no one would miss!!!!

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