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Mary´s desire to help others has continued to grow over the years. By discovering relationship help, through the books, and then following the complete training of Lise Bourbeau, she became aware that she already had a personal path to follow before she could help others.

As she did.
She was introduced to Reiki, a practice which has proved to be a wonderful complement to the relationship help.

In her perpetual quest for new therapeutic tools, Mary became specialized in the metamorphic Massage and he Chromotherapy. Through this care, Mary has apprehended the inner child, the principal actor of our ill-being. The choice of these therapies was carried by their complementarity because all combine sweetness, respect for the person, empathy and listening without judgment.

The learning and practice of these therapies have enabled Mary to realize that our ills, whether physical or psychic, are the consequences of our beliefs, our fears and our traumas from our earliest childhood.;