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Thierry Basset, geologist - volcanologist and hiking companion (formerly a mountain guide) has been offering since 1999 many geological-themed activities in the plains and mountains designed specifically for the general public and accessible to all. He guides numerous geological excursions to Switzerland and France to tell the extraordinary geological stories of landscapes and mountains. Thierry Basset organises and guides trips to the volcanoes of Auvergne, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Guatemala and New Zealand. He also organizes geological and naturalistic trips to Normandy, the Channel Islands and the Alps and Jura mountains. He is responsible for the training of mountain guides, heritage guides and teachers. It also organizes children's birthdays and school runs. Whether it's for a trip, a nature hike or a day of training, Thierry Basset will be happy to take you to the heart of the geological history of our planet!