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Our Bed & Breakfast has grown out of the desire to keep a cottage-villa from 1909 fully used after the departure of our three children.
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he villa is listed by Heritage Flanders. The entire second floor and part of the attic above it have been entirely renovated. The result is a lodge of two multi-functional luxurious guest rooms: Acacia measures 58.5 m2, has 4 bedrooms and a view over the 3 large Acacia trees in the back yard. Tilia measures 38.7 m2, has 3 bedrooms and a view on a majestic Linde on the other side of the yard. Villa Emma was named after her first residant. The villa is located in the center of a large garden of around 3000 m2, which is open to all guests. The garden features seating distributed throughout for relaxation and admiring the villa from its different perspectives. The beautiful and original concrete pool is bordered by roses and features a pond-plant-corner which provides an ecological hideout for frogs, salamandres, ... .;