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Vitopia is about women’s hair health.
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Vitopia is about women’s hair health. Stress, hormones, pregnancy and nutrition are some of the factors that can affect hair wellness. Beauty Peak Hair by Vitopia offers a natural hair loss solution for women thanks to its natural ingredients that help to improve hair growth and hair quality.

Vitopia is a British company based in London, established by a pharmacist and a nutritionist sharing one belief that nature leads the way for a healthy life.

Our story starts back in 2016 when Emilia, Co-Founder of Vitopia experienced excessive hair loss after pregnancy.

Emilia tried numerous hair growth and hair loss treatments for women to improve her hair, which had become weak, brittle and prone to shedding.

After no success, Emilia and her husband Amr, a Pharmacist decided to undertake their own research. With a plethora of vitamins for hair growth and thickness on the market, Emilia and Amr decided to start researching natural and active ingredients that were safe and effective to support weak and brittle hair, as well as comparing numerous clinical trial results. After several years of research, they decided to develop their own nutritional hair support supplement. Emilia tested the supplement on herself and was really impressed with the results, which inspired her and Amr to develop their own brand. ;