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Re-State exists to provide the experimental space to collectively re-imagine governance and change the way we organize ourselves. We, humans, have an astonishing capacity to innovate. Our governance systems, however, still rely on principles set up hundreds of years ago. We believe that fundamental changes are needed in governance processes, on local, regional, national, and global levels. And we believe that we, as members of local and global communities, have the resources needed to co-design the right governance for diverse societies and to co-create a more sustainable future reflecting the values of new generations. Re-State offers a platform to reimagine governance and politics and create an optimistic, yet attainable vision of the future. In this future communities of people are organized and governed in a different way. Our systems are more transparent, decentralized, participatory, supported by technology, and human-centered. The management of our communities, municipalities, cities, and nations is transparent and accessible to every community member. Our decision-making is now more inclusive, deliberative, and fact-driven. Societies become overall more fair and just. We envisage new virtual states, networked communities enabled by technology, where members are not linked by territory, but by shared rights, goals, and responsibilities. ;

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