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Questions and Answers Instant Links

Does Instant Links offer a Refund Policy?

Yes, Because we are so confident that you will LOVE and BENEFIT from our service, we offer a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy and you will get 100% refunded.
If, for some reason, our service is not what you hoped it would be, simply email within 14 days of signing-up to let us know you'll be closing your profile.

What if a follower doesn't click on the given links?

You will not loose your potential customer. After x seconds (you decide), the user is guided to your preferred website. This feature differentiates us from other link-tools, like on Linktree and others.
See the feature in action (new video)

Why would I use Instant Links instead of linking directly to my website?

Your menu on your website is not that dynamic and for your SEO (search Engine Optimization) it shouldn't be dynamic. With Instant Links you can update anytime and give your followers a "small" choice to bring him/her directly to the page on your website.

Can I connect to my domain?

Yes, for example you can create and your Instant Links page will be showed. Yes, it is uncluded in all plans.

Can I add the link to my email signature?

Yes, when you want to share many links, your email can become spammy, we recommend to use your Instant Link to sent clean email message. Yes, it is uncluded in all plans.

Do you add Instant Link Branding to my page?

No, our concept is not to create another min-webpage for your business, is not about keeping your followers and customers with us. Our concept is to guide your followers and clients as fast as possible towards the right place online. No Instant Links Branding/Ads is included in all plans.

Can Instant Links only be used on Instagram?

No, you can use your unqiue link anywehere, in your email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Apps, even printed flyers.